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Online check-in conditions

1. Travelling with carrier for which Ljubljana airport web check-in is available.

2. You must be at the departure gate no later than at the time given on the boarding card.

3. If you have baggage which you need to check in, please go to the check in counter of the airline you are going to travel with.  

4. Airlines cannot delay flights owing to passengers arriving late. In such cases neither the airlines nor Aerodrom Ljubljana accept any liability.

5. The airline may cancel an assigned seat reserved through online check in if:
- you do not arrive on time at the departure gate;
- you do not have valid travel documents, including a visa for your final destination and for any intermediate stops envisaged.

6. If the aircraft envisaged for a specific flight is replaced by another aircraft with a different seating arrangement, the airline reserves the right to change the seating assignments reserved by the passenger via online check in. The airline may also change the seat selected by the passenger for security and regulatory reasons.

7. You must present your travel documents at the gate.

8. Please follow the rules for carry-on baggage. Airlines reserve the right to refuse baggage which is not in accordance with the rules regarding baggage.

9. Before checking in online, please check that you fulfil the following conditions:
- you have a confirmed reservation and an e-ticket for the selected flight;
- online check in is possible  to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the aircraft;
- you are travelling on a route or with an airline for which online check in is possible;
- you are not travelling with children;
- the passenger is not an unaccompanied minor;
- you do not require special assistance.

10. When you check-in your baggage, please show your boarding pass. 

11. It is necessary to comply with the rules on carriage of dangerous goods and prohibited items into an airplane - you can read more about it on this link.