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WEB Check-in


For Adria Airways flights WEB check-in is available on airline web page: https://www.adria.si/en/check-in/

For Turkish Airlines flights WEB check-in is available on airline web page: www.turkishairlines.com

 For AIRFRANCE flights WEB check-in is available on airline web page:www.airfrance.fr/FR/en/local/core/engine/echeckin/IciFormAction.do

If you travel with low cost carriers on line check-in is available on their websites:

Easy Jet: http://www.easyjet.com

Wizz Air: http://wizzair.com/en-GB/Search#tab4

Transavia: www.transavia.com/en-EU/my-transavia/check-in/login/


Bagagge Drop-off

If you have bagagge that needs to be checked-in and dropped-off, contact the check-in counter for your flight, where you should show your boarding pass and travel documents. If you do not have your boarding pass with you, inform the staff that you have already completed WEB check-in and you will be issued a new boarding pass.

Bagagge Drop-off counters:

  • If traveling with Adria Airways contact check-in counters, which are marked with Baggage Drop Off
  • for other carriers contact the check-in counter of the airline which you are travelling with.

Please respect the bagagge rules. In general, you may not carry general substances and items such as: radioactive materials, explosives, inflammable liquids, propane and/or butane cylinders, weapons (except for hunting and sports purposes), knives, poisons, corrosive substances, acids, magnets, nor infectious bodies, such as viruses and bacteria. Dangerous items also include aerosol sprays, matches and other dangerous items such as magnetized or irritating material. Bear in mind that this is not a complete list of hazardous materials. Carrying of dangerous objects aboard aircraft is a legal offence and may result in a penalty.
Please ask your airline or travel agent for further details.