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Passengers With Special Needs


Passengers whose medical condition requires assistance

This includes passengers whose medical condition requires special attention and assistance when embarking and disembarking, during the flight, in case of emergency evacuation and during ground handling:

  • Passengers with reduced mobility,
  • Sick passengers,
  • Injured passengers,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Elderly.

In special circumstances (flying in extreme or unusually bad weather conditions) the airline may refuse to take on board any of the above-mentioned categories of passengers whose medical condition requires attention.

There are universal abbreviations that indicate the level of assistance required and are provided when booking. Therefore, it is recommended that at the time of booking the passengers provide the airline with as much information as possible about what kind of help they need. If this is not specified, we can not provide our assistance. In the worst case, the carrier may also refuse to accept the passenger on the flight:

WCHR: Wheelchair Ramp. The passenger only requires the wheelchair to bridge lengthier passageways; climbing stairs alone is possible.

WCHS: Wheelchair Steps. The passenger cannot climb stairs, but short stretches on foot are possible.

WCHC: Wheelchair Carry. The passenger always requires a wheelchair, cannot move in the cabin without help from another person, and brings their own wheelchair with them.

BLND: The passenger is blind or sight-impaired and would like assistance on request during the trip.

DEAF: The passenger is deaf, hearing-impaired or deaf and cannot speak and would like assistance on request during the trip.

BLND/DEAF: The passenger is deaf and blind and must be assisted during the trip.

The meeting point for passengers requiring special assistance is the information desk on the left side of the entrance into the departures hall and is marked with a pictogram (C1) above the window.

Passengers with reduced mobility

At Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport the airport staff will take good care of you. The entire terminal is accessible with wheelchairs, except the business lounge where the staff will help you.

In order to provide help, we have prepared the meeting points and signs, how to contact the staff to assist you.

  • Wheelchairs: Our wheelchairs are available to you. If you need one, you can contact us already when entering our parking garage. If already in the terminal, you can contact information desk (counter C1) and a weelchair will be brought. If you have your own wheelchair, you should notify your carrier about its weight and dimensions. If you have a batery powered wheelchair, you should notify your carrier about its type because some of them should be isolated due to security reasons. Special restrictions apply to wet battery wheelchairs. Please check with your carrier all conditions before travel. Generally you can use your wheelchair until embarcation, however we recomend to check it in and use ours, especially if it is battery powered. Our staff will help you.
  • Access: When you arrive to the airport from the main road, turn left and pass the terminal to the parking garage.
    • Push the green button on the entry ramp for help.
    • Inform the staff what kind of help you need.
    • Departure and arrival halls are located in front of the parking garage and are accessible by wheelchair.
  • Parking: There are  parking spaces reserved free of charge, clearly marked and are in the vicinity of the elevators and exit: the floor 1A - parking number 17,18,20 and 21 (near the elevator) and the floor 2A - parking number 19 and 20 (near the elevator)
  • Meeting Point: When exiting the parking garage there are signs indicating the direction of the meeting point in the departures hall. Please contact the information desk (counter C1) on your left hand side. Our staff will help you.
  • Help: Our staff offers you help from arrival to the airport untill embarcation or to your seat in the cabin. They will escort you from check-in, through all formalities and finally to the cabin.
  • Arrival from a destination: Help is provided also in arrival. However we can provide help only if the need for help was expressed already when booking and at the departing airport. You should also notify the cabin crew. Our staff will help you from the cabin, through all formalities, with the baggage and exit from the terminal. If you are in tranzit at our airport, our staff will help you from disembarkation through all formalities and to youronward flight.

Sick passengers

Depending on the type of illness a medical receipt can be required. Please check with your carrier when booking.

Injured passengers

Depending on the type of injury: regarding injured limbs (e.g.broken) there are restricitions( e.g.the cast can not be fresh). If an additional seat is required e.g. for a broken leg, an additional ticket should be purchased.

Please check the conditions and restrictions with your carrer in case of any kind of injury.

Pregnant women

The carrier should be informed about your condition already when booking. Most carriers require a medical receipt after a certain period. During check-in please provide the receipt to the check-in staff.

Visually impaired (Blind)

If no help is needed there are no special restrictions. If you travel with guide dog it should be reserved in advance and all the relevant documents for the dog are required. Please check with your carrier for details.

The dog should be harnessed, a muzzle is preferred

Elderly passengers

If no special help is needed there are no special restrictions. Our staff offer help with the formalities and baggage. It is recomended to inform the carrier already when booking.

If you require medical equipment, the notification is obligatory. Please check with your carrier for details.


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