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Traveling with children

Traveling with children

Unaccompanied children

Under certain conditions children can travel unaccompanied if parents or guardians see the child off and somebody waits for him/her at a destination.

Our staff will escort the child from the parents or guardians to the cabin, where the cabin crew will take over.

In arrival the child will be escorted from the cabin to the parents or guardians who need to confirm take- over. Identity of the parens or guardians is checked.

The parents or guardians should not leave the airport untill take off due to the possibility of flight delay or cancellation.

For further information please contact the carrier.

Families with children

When traveling with children it is important that every child, even an infant,also has his/her own identity document, and that you arrive at the airport on time. Our staff will try to asign the seats together and offer help if needed.

To keep children entertained while waiting for a flight, there are dedicated kids’ corners in the Schengen and non-Schengen sections of the passenger terminal. The enclosed play areas have a variety of aircraft-shaped games and features, and a wide range of Učila books.  Children must be under adult supervision when playing.

We also offer pushchairs which can be obtained during check-in ifpassengers wish to check-in their own. The pushchairs can be used free of charge.

The pushchairs are also available to passengers in tranzit. They are located on the first floor of the terminal .The pushchairs which are checked-in to the final destination can not be unloaded and given to the passengers.Ours should be used instead.

The changing rooms are located in womens toilete.

Pushchairs as baggage

Pushchair Checked-in baggage Hand Baggage


Transporting groups of children

This aplies to organized groups of children, consisting of more than 25 youngsters, from 5 to 12 years of age. Having arrived to the airport, the group leader's first contact should be to the ground staff of the airline company, who will inform them of the usual procedure. The staff then take care of all the necessary arrangements in the passenger cabin, and notify all the services concerned. For further information, please contact your carrier.