Aerodrom Ljubljana received a European Green Office certificate

Aerodrom Ljubljana has stepped up its continuous efforts to reduce the harmful effects of its activities on the environment by implementing measures aimed at creating a Green Office. It can now also boast of having been awarded a European Green Office certificate; soon, it is hoped, the company will aim to achieve a high ranking in competition with other companies on the European level.

The environmental policy of the company, which manages and runs Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, has been enriched through the introduction of green practices in the field of office work. The systematic implementation of these practices was based on carefully conducted research into the pros and cons of maintaining current behaviours. By raising awareness and encouraging employees to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment while at the office and to introduce new measures in this field, they have made a commitment to achieving the more efficient use of natural resources and waste management, improved air quality in enclosed areas, a sustainable policy of supply and material procurement and the increased use of sustainable forms of transportation.

Zg. Brnik, 15. 7. 2013