Anže Habjan takes second place in the European Firefighter Combat Challenge

Anže Habjan takes second place in the European Firefighter Combat Challenge 

The European championships of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, the most prestigious competition of its type, were recently held in the town of Ediger-Eller in the Mosel region of Germany. Eleven firefighters from Slovenia were among the competitors. They included Anže Habjan from the Fraport Slovenija fire department, whose excellent performance brought him second place in his category among the 314 competitors. Anže also improved his personal best during the competition. 

There are various stages to the competition: individual, pairs, relay and team. Performance is measured by times, while standard protective equipment is worn during competition. The competition consists of various disciplines, such as victim rescue, hose advance, hose hoist and pack carrying. Each discipline has precise rules, while the level of the demands and the protective equipment that must be worn by competitors have led many to describe it as the “hardest two minutes in sport”. 


After his success at the European championships, Anže is preparing for the world championships, which will be held in Sacramento, California in October. Around 600 of the finest firefighters from all over the world will gather there. When asked how he prepares for such demanding competition, he said: “Training lasts around two hours, and I train six times a week, and sometimes twice a day. Before the world championships I will do eight sessions a week with one rest day.” He added that he is mainly driven by a desire to keep fit, and to maintain a healthy way of life. We congratulate Anže, and wish him every success in his upcoming competitions. 

At Fraport Slovenija we encourage and support our employees in their sporting endeavours and health-related pursuits, both in a purely recreational sense, and at the professional level. Support for the promotion of health is provided at the highest level of the company, and is firmly anchored in the company’s business strategy. Given the demands of work at all levels and in all positions, awareness of the importance of health and capacity to work is extremely important. The company is constantly working to ensure that employees remain active, that they take care of their physical fitness, and that they socialise and enjoy their time off through sport and recreational sporting activities.  

The company is active in hiring sports halls and playing areas throughout the year, and organising winter and autumn sports games, while it also offers employees favourable accommodation at the resorts of Rogla, Bovec and Čateške Toplice, organises trips and picnics, and subsidises participation in sports events, in particular cycling and running events. Bikes are available to employees for moving around the airport zone, while the company also attends to healthy nutrition: it organises deliveries of seasonal fruit for employees, purchased from local producers.

In this demonstration video of the Fraport Academy Academy, Anze will show you firsthand how a challenging FCC test looks like: 

Photos: Brane Habjan

Zg. Brnik, August 22 2018