Promoting health through our staff’s exceptional sporting achievements

Promoting health through sport is a favourite activity for staff at Ljubljana Airport, many of whom participate in running and cycling events in particular. Further evidence of the success of these activities comes from those staff members who favour the most difficult sporting challenges, to whom we give our full support, such as Alenka Pavc and Anže Habjan. They both recently achieved exceptional results in their disciplines.

Alenka, who works in passenger handling, competed in the Ultra Trail Vipava Valley ultra-marathon, where in tough weather conditions of heat and hail she ran 107 km and scaled a total elevation gain of 5,300 m to win her class and claim outright victory among the women. The challenges faced by the runners present a truly demanding examination, as Alenka describes: “The race was tough for me, particularly because of the extreme weather conditions of heat, and rain mixed with hail, which in the toughest part of the race was actually a better option than the heat we otherwise had, while I also suffered stomach problems. I led my Hungarian competitor almost to the halfway point, but she overtook me, as she was unbelievably quick in downhill sections, but slower in the climbs. I tracked her all the same, and never let her out of my sight. A major crisis hit me in Podnanos, which I only overcame on the climb towards Vojkova Koča in Pleša. It was then that I overtook the Hungarian, and I never let up to the end.”

Alenka of course will not be resting for too long, as she has big plans for future competitions. She will take part in the Celje - Logarska Dolina ultra-marathon, the 2019 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, the Spartathlon, the Ultra Pušelj Trail, and the 100 Miles of Istria, and she will of course compete again in the UTVV, where she will defend her title from this year.

Anže from the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting unit took part in the European championships of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, the most prestigious competition of its type, and took an excellent second place among 314 entrants from all over Europe. We wrote earlier about his achievements here.

Photo: Brane Habjan 

Given the demands of working at Fraport Slovenija at all levels and in all positions, awareness of the importance of health and capacity to work is extremely important at the company. We consistently endeavour to ensure that staff are active, that they take care of their physical fitness, and that they are able to socialise and make good use of their free time through sport and recreation.

Boris Možek, our occupational health and safety expert, commented: “We have introduced systemic measures for our staff to help them eat healthily and exercise regularly. I should also highlight our role in raising awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical movement, not only for staff but also for their families and the wider local community. Our aim is also to transmit this awareness of an active lifestyle and participation in sport and exercise to our customers: passengers and visitors to Ljubljana Airport. In late September we will become an Active Airport: there will be sports events in the passenger terminal to mark the European Week of Sport.”

In our promotion of health at Fraport Slovenija we encourage staff in a host of sporting and social activities, activities within the framework of our Family Friendly Company Certification, the use of bikes in the airport zone, and healthy eating with the organised delivery of seasonal fruit from local producers every week, we support initiatives and collect suggestions for improvements, we encourage safe work and the active enjoyment of free time in the workplace, we organise social events and immunisation drives, we conduct surveys of staff satisfaction, and we earmark money for staff members who are competing in sports.