New acquisition - our first electric car

Sustainable mobility is one of the most important pillars of the strategy of sustainability to which the company is devoting considerable attention, particularly in relation to promoting sustainable forms of transport and investments in infrastructure and vehicles. So we recently added our first exclusively electrically powered vehicle to the fleet: the Renault Kangoo Z.E. Express, with a driving range of 150 to 170 km. It is intended for maintenance staff, who will be using it mainly for work in the area of the airport. It is expected that the vehicles will have to be charged once a week using normal socket types or at one of the electric charging stations in the car park.

Although this is the first electric car in our fleet, it is not the only vehicle of its type at the airport. For some time we have gradually been replacing specialist airport vehicles (we are now on the sixteenth) and other support equipment as part of the sustainable mobility plan, which involves greater use of environment-friendly energy. The fleet includes electrically powered traction vehicles and luggage carriers, conveyor belts from which luggage is loaded onto and unloaded from aircraft, and vehicles used to carry airstairs. These have photo cells mounted on the roof that charge an additional computer battery. In aircraft-cleaning vehicles, generators for supplying vacuum cleaners were replaced by batteries and converters some years ago.

The Avant2Go electric car-sharing service is further proof of the fact that we see a commitment to reducing emissions as being of strategic importance to our company. This service provides customers with a handy and more environment-friendly way of travelling between Ljubljana and the airport (and now between Kranj and the airport), and is becoming more and more popular. In the two years in which the service has been available, over 30 tonnes of CO2, the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming, have been saved.

At Fraport we have decided to take another step forward this year by committing ourselves to using electric vehicles for all company-related travel in areas where an electric car-sharing service is available. Assuming that around 80% of all company-related travel will be undertaken using electric vehicles, we will save approximately 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.