The award for the best employer in the region goes to Fraport Slovenija

For the thirteenth year running, the public agency SPIRIT Slovenija has conferred annual awards for the top foreign investors and foreign-financed companies who generated exceptional results in the past year and contributed to the development of the Slovenian economy. Fraport Slovenija is the proud recipient of the award in the category of best regional employer.

"Operation and strategic objectives of Fraport Slovenija call for employees with specialist knowledge, experience, loyalty, as well as capacities for team work and innovation. Without them, the company would not have achieved the growth it has for over fifty years. Fraport Slovenija offers not only secure and stable employment, but a friendly and above-standard working environment," the company’s managing director Zmago Skobir said in his reaction to the award.

The award was received on behalf of Fraport Slovenija by Špela Uršič, head of the HR and training department. Uršič stated: "We are proud of our award. In the last year, we recruited many new staff, yet even more effort was directed at creating a friendly working environment for our employees. This award is highly significant to us, it motivates us and confirms that we are on the right course."

The expert panel, which has conferred the Invest Slovenia FDI Awards for the past thirteen years, short-listed only companies with at least 50 employees that have not reduced their number of employees since last year, and whose value-added per employee is at least EUR 35,000. The companies must operate at a profit and have a good credit rating and may not be non-taxpayers. The selection excluded firms with minority foreign interest, as well as those that recently underwent a merger or acquisition. The panel also employed the Bisnode Failure Score Model, which forecasts the likelihood of failure in the coming 12 months.

In addition to Fraport Slovenija, the awards went to: RLS, d.o.o., Komenda, in the category of research and development orientation and excellent business results, and BOSCH REXROTH, d.o.o., Škofja Loka, in the category of long-term regional commitment. A special award for a new greenfield investment went to Cargo-Partner d.o.o. in Ljubljana for its logistics and distribution centre. Congratulations to all the winners!

Short video from the FDI award ceremony

Brnik, November 27, 2018