Airport gets a new command vehicle

One of the main preconditions for successful emergency firefighting activities at an airport is up-to-date equipment for handling specific tasks within the protection and rescue system – which is why Fraport Slovenija, as Ljubljana airport’s operator, is constantly engaged in modernising its fleet of firefighting and rescue vehicles, following the latest trends in this area, with the aim of ensuring that training and equipment remain at the very highest levels.

Despite the very large number of highly important and complex activities that are undertaken by the different departments at the airport to prevent untoward events from occurring, the chance of something happening can never be completely ruled out. We therefore provide firefighting and rescue staff at the airport, along with resources and equipment for rapid and effective operation in the event of an accident at or near the airport. The success of any emergency operation depends on it.

Fraport Slovenija’s firefighting and rescue service received two new acquisitions in 2018. In the spring it saw the arrival of a new extra AB-ROLL 8x8 vehicle and PALFINGER lift, while it took delivery of a state-of-the-art command vehicle at the end of the year; this latter, because of its upgrades and supplementary equipment, is currently the only one of its kind in the country. It is a Volkswagen Transporter with a SEIKEL HD MAXI OFF ROAD chassis, and is currently the only such vehicle with a chassis construction for firefighting operations in Slovenia. To make it fit for the specific requirements of the airport firefighting service, adjustments were made to the size of the vehicle, and it was upgraded with the very latest equipment and the most powerful engine available on the market, 4-wheel drive, automatic transmission and, of course, a full range of vehicle functions.

In addition to the variety of firefighting and other equipment on board, the advantage of the new vehicle lies primarily in its operational command and communication functionalities. The vehicle has been designed to establish first contact with airport services while on the way to the scene of an incident. One radio has been installed in the driver’s compartment, with the others located in the operational command centre. Contact can be established from this centre with all airport departments and services (air-traffic control, the operational safety centre, the fire station, the security service, the logistical support unit, the air-traffic coordination centre, the emergency response centre, etc.), as well as with other neighbouring professional and voluntary units that operate on protection and rescue frequencies. A crew of two firefighters is expected to man the new command vehicle: one driver and one shift manager.

The new vehicle has enhanced the operational capacity of the firefighting and rescue service considerably and, indeed, has changed the emergency management concept to take account of time and the ever-changing requirements of the profession. In short, the vehicle has everything the larger examples of its type have (and perhaps even more). If 2018 was the year we took delivery of a firefighting and rescue vehicle, 2019 will see the completion of Fraport’s aviation academy building and a new firefighter training centre – the most state-of-the-art centre in this part of Europe. We will tell you more about this project in future newsletters.

Photo: Bine Perič

Zg. Brnik, 25 January 2019.