Airport Service Zone access temporarily through the main airport entrance

The airport’s road network is changing significantly in the last period. The construction of connecting roads under way will require a temporary alteration of the traffic flow to and from the service zone. The ongoing changes in traffic also affect passengers and visitors of the airport, but these are necessary to ensure its further development. During this time we ask for your understanding, patience and caution on the road.

Due to the construction of the roundabout near Slovenia Control between June 8 and 22 the traffic will be redirected from part of the former main road through the main airport entrance to the service road, which leads past airport buildings (passenger terminal, cargo warehouse and Adria Tehnika). The new traffic flow will be as shown on picture below (click for larger image).

Driving past the buildings (especially passenger terminal and cargo warehouse) will demand extra caution of drivers and other traffic participants. Within the area in front of the terminal passengers and vehicles are crossing the road, in front of the cargo warehouse the road is crossed in reverse by trucks.

The diversion will be marked with signs and traffic lights. To ensure a smooth traffic flow, security officers and the police will be controlling it.

We ask all drivers accessing to and from the service zone for understanding and extra caution when passing the airport buildings. We recommend passengers to plan a little extra time to access the airport in the morning, when heavy traffic is expected and thus traffic jams are possible.

Immediately after the construction of the roundabout is finished, the traffic will be redirected to the new connecting roads (in attachment seen in blue – Phase 2).

Zg. Brnik, June 3, 2019