Airport Fun Festival attracts around 800 visitors

The last Saturday in May at the airport was really special – full of amazing experiences and smiling faces. After a year off, on 25 May we held the fifth Airport Fun Festival, at which despite the inclement weather around 800 visitors enjoyed a great family morning learning about the wide world of aviation. The Airport Fun Festival is a family event that Fraport Slovenija puts on for the aviation community, i.e. our employees, their family members and friends. The purpose of the festival is to show our visitors what life and work at the airport is like and to let them have a behind-the-scenes look at the airport. The event features a diverse, fun-filled and informative programme with something for all ages, but is of course mainly meant for kids.

Wide range of activities

As in all of the past years, the main focus of the event were the numerous activities that pique the children’s imagination, as well as some for the parents and chaperones. In a test of their skills, the children took a trip around the world with Pippi Longstocking, became stars in a real circus show, or showed off their dance moves at a mini disco. And we shouldn’t forget to mention Fireman Frank, who recently became the mascot of the Fraport Aviation Academy, and who taught the children about the heroic world of firefighting. The masters from Shaolin Temple Slovenia demonstrated their fitness, flexibility and endurance while presenting some of the mysteries of traditional kung fu, and fans of team sports got to try their hand at baseball. One of the most popular activities was a model plane-building workshop held by master modellers, and at the other end of the hall they made travel bags with Maček Muri and Muca Maca, popular feline characters from Slovenian children’s literature.

The event also attracted aviation fans. Under the auspices of the Virtual Aviation Club and its umbrella organisation the IVAO, they were able to try virtual flying, or test their piloting skills on a real simulator at the Adria Airways Flight School. The visitors also learned the basics of first aid and working at heights.

This year, the festival also featured lively musical entertainment – a real karaoke battle in which both the children and the adults could compete, and a short set by the young members of the all-girl rock group The False Alarm.

Here you can watch a short festival video we made that captured the atmosphere of the festival:

Presentation of airport jobs and organisation

Officers from the airport police station gave a demonstration of how false documents are detected, and also presented special tactical police equipment, which the visitors were able to try on. The Slovenian Army demonstrated mobile radar and the work of a soldier, while a team from the G4S security company told visitors about items that can and cannot be taken aboard aircraft and how the security screening of passengers and baggage works.

Airport tours

Once again this year we provided the most curious visitors with behind-the-scenes tours at the airport, which are becoming more popular every year. Visitors were able to tour the brand-new Training Centre at the Fraport Aviation Academy, take a shortbus trip around the aprons and learn about our technical equipment and vehicles which are indispensable to operations at a modern airport.They also learned about work at aircraft maintenance and service faciity, Adria Tehnika. An emergency helicopter rescue team also presented their work and their aircraft this year.

Around 100 airport staffers – representatives of Fraport Slovenia and other companies and organisations that work at the airport – contributed their suggestions, ideas and hard work to make this unforgettable day at the airport come true. The many positive responses we received affirmed that the event was a great success and that the visitors had enjoyed a first-class aviation experience.

Zg. Brnik, May 6, 2019.