The French chansons echoed the Ljubljana Airport

It was a quite a special Sunday on July 14 at Ljubljana Airport, as the French chansons echoed the passenger terminal. All passengers who arrived from Paris or were departing to the French capitol, also enjoyed a sweet surprise -  delicious macrons, a prestigious French dessert. The French celebrate their biggest holiday on 14 July. They recall the fall of the Bastille, the infamous prison, which in 1789 triggered the French Revolution. So, in France, 14 July is a symbol of freedom and democracy. In Paris and throughout France, numerous celebrations are taking place on this day, but this time the holiday was also celebrated at the Ljubljana Airport. Paris is one of the five most popular destinations from Ljubljana Airport, and Air France is the airline connecting the two capitals.

French chansons and macarons in colours of French Tricolour

Air France, celebrating its 15th anniversary of flights between Ljubljana and Paris this November, has pleasantly surprised the passengers at Ljubljana Airport. While waiting for the flight they could enjoy the beautiful rhythms of the French chansons, which were performed live by great Slovenian performers and musicians Lara Jankovič and Marko Brdnik. With complimentary macarons in French colours the airline provided another pleasant surprise to passengers arriving from and departing to Paris.

On 27 October, Air France will even strengthen its Ljubljana connection with Paris, as it will fly to the French capitol twice daily (except on Saturdays). Paris will thus become even more accessible to travellers as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and also for many as a connecting hub for destinations around the world.

Zg. Brnik, 14 July 2019