Sustainability Report 2018

Fraport Slovenija is well aware that as part of the aviation industry in its active role in providing public interest in safe, regular and undisturbed air traffic, the company significantly affects the environment in the economic, social and environmental aspects. Part of our sustainable pledge is also our annual sustainability report where we systematically and transparently collect all our endeavours in line with the envisaged sustainable development. The report is prepared in line with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards. Reporting is comprehensive and transparent. The information is authentic, balanced and clear. The data is comparable to previous years, since we are building our sustainable path in the dimensions of past - present - future.

Sustainability Report 2018 [click on cover]

“Although sustainable development is one of our key values ​​and is therefore embedded in the DNA of the company, I am convinced that awareness and realization of our responsibility towards the social and natural environment in times of rapid growth and intense change is even more important than usual. We demonstrate our sustainable and ethical stance in the Sustainability Report, which I believe transparently and clearly mirrors the outlined sustainable path. We will continue to build sustainable cooperation with the environment and society in a way that creates new opportunities and adds value to all. We believe that only such an approach is the right one in the long run," Managing Director, Zmago Skobir, wrote in his opening address.

The report shows, among other things, significant events, strategy and business of the company, sustainable attitude to the environment, relations with employees, relations with passengers, contractors, visitors, suppliers and business partners, sustainable communication and socially responsible projects.

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Zg. Brnik, September 6, 2019