Wear a pink ribbon to support the fight against breast cancer

Pink October is World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the most common form of cancer in women. In Slovenia, more than 1300 women and about ten men become ill with breast cancer every year, and more than 400 women and some men die. This means that every day in Slovenia, more than three women find out about the diagnosis, and at least one dies. And these aren't just numbers, they're wives, moms, daughters, friends and co-workers.

Cancer is a disease that can also affect younger people today, so the words above should be a reminder to everyone to remember that we are primarily responsible for our own health and that we can do a lot for our health with regular exercise, healthy and balanced nutrition and weight maintenance.

Everyone who has struggled with this malignant disease is aware that the future is not self-explanatory and that prevention is of the utmost importance. Regular and proper monthly self-examination is key to detecting early breast changes. Therefore, devote five minutes a month to a better and healthier future for you and your loved ones!

Fraport Slovenija joined this year's activities, entitled Healthy Lifestyle Today for Health in the Future. For the sake of awareness, we have created designs for digital screens, we dressed the passenger terminal into pink, thus supporting the Pink October. On October 15th, the Breast Health Day, our employees from the passenger handling service also raised awareness of the campaign, wearing t-shirts in color of pink.

Zg. Brnik, 15 October, 2019