Airport security services taken over by the Aktiva security company

With the winter timetable coming into force, civil aviation security services at Ljubljana airport have been taken over by Aktiva varovanje. Fraport Slovenija selected the new service provider by public tender, with the two companies signing a five-year contract. 

Dušan Sofrić, Fraport Slovenija’s head of security and protection, had this to say about the new arrangements: “The basic job of security is to safeguard and protect passengers, flight crews, airport staff, airport visitors, aircraft, and aviation installations and equipment from unlawful activities on the ground and in the air. Protecting civil aviation is a complex and demanding area. It comprises a series of different stakeholders and activities, is regulated by complex legislation and requires consistent oversight. We have signed a new contract entrusting some of these activities to Aktiva. I am sure the company will prove to be a reliable partner.”
Ranko Šmigoc, CEO of Aktiva varovanje, added: “Aktiva have many years’ experience in protecting critical infrastructure, so the decision to work with Fraport Slovenija and help keep Ljubljana airport safe is a deliberate step on our part to raise our professional profile, as well as being a considerable responsibility that we take very seriously indeed. Protecting civil aviation is a very specific area and one that requires professionally qualified, reliable and motivated staff, with the highest degree of attention paid to overseeing operation of the system. Aktiva varovanje will be a reliable and strong partner to Fraport Slovenija – something we are keen to demonstrate through our commitment and sense of responsibility at all stages of our cooperation.”

A team of experienced, qualified and committed staff, most of whom have already worked in civil aviation protection, will be responsible for keeping the airport safe and secure. Nova KBM, NLB, Gorenjska Banka, Mercator, Impol, OMV, Petrol, Spar Slovenija, Lidl and Hofer are among Aktiva’s most important clients, along with numerous others that have made use of the company’s expertise in protecting property, transport, cash and other valuable consignments, and in technical security and security engineering. Aktiva varovanje d.d. have their own training centre and their own state-of-the-art certified security control centre, which complies with the international SIST EN 50518 standard and provides all necessary support to clients, users and providers of physical, technical and, in particular, combined security systems by receiving, processing, storing and relaying security messages.