LOT Polish Airlines and easyJet also return to Ljubljana Airport

Nine airlines have already returned to Ljubljana Airport after the end of the covid-19 pandemic. End of July easyJet has renewed its flights to Berlin and London Gatwick, being the third low-cost airline that has reestablished flights from Slovenia. The most recent to bring back flights is LOT Polish Airlines, which has returned its connection to Warsaw. 

Photo: Davor Golec, Sierra5.net

Air traffic at Ljubljana Airport is getting more and more lively. The most recent airlines to return are easyJet and LOT Polish Airlines. EasyJet has reconnected Ljubljana Airport with Berlin, operating one weekly flight to the German capital (every Sunday), and London Gatwick, operating two weekly flights there (every Monday and Friday). LOT Polish Airlines has brought back flights to Warsaw, operating four weekly flights. 

Altogether already nine airlines have returned to Ljubljana Airport after the suspension of flights due to the coronavirus-19 epidemic: 
Air Serbia (four times weekly to Belgrade),
Montenegro Airlines (once weekly to Podgorica),
Lufthansa (twelve times weekly to Frankfurt),
Wizz Air (twice weekly to Brussels Charleroi),
Transavia (twice weekly to Amsterdam),
Air France (daily to Paris),
Turkish Airlines (three times weekly to Istanbul).

We hope to see other airlines and destinations, that have been announced for Summer Season 2020 or Winter Season 2020/2021, return as soon as possible. 

Janez Krašnja, M. Sc., Head of Airline Management in Fraport Slovenija, is satisfied with the recovery of traffic in given circumstances, but at the same time stresses the urgency of state support: “The airline industry has been hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic. We are happy to have nine airlines back despite the extraordinary times. It will be a demanding challenge to keep the current and renew the missing connections due to ongoing uncertainty about the pandemic and the increased cautiousness and selectivity of airlines when deciding which markets to re-enter. We hope the government will follow a good example of other EU members with funds for the promotion of Slovenia on key markets to help reestablish the flight network, that was available to Slovenian and foreign passengers before the epidemic. Such support would be crucial for the recovery of Slovenian tourism industry and wider economy.«