10 scheduled flight connections from Ljubljana Airport in the Winter Season

Passenger air traffic in Europe has been recording a drastic decline for the eight-consecutive month. Due to development of the covid-19 pandemic, the announced offer of flights from Ljubljana Airport and their scope are still limited in the Winter Schedule. Nine regular airlines will be offering ten flight connections to nine European countries from Ljubljana Airport. In the period with the highest frequency around 60 flights per week are expected. 
If European countries will be successful in limiting the spread of the coronavirus disease, it is expected that airlines will strengthen offered connections already in the Winter Season. Lufthansa will be operating two daily flights to Frankfurt, one morning and one early afternoon. Air France will initially connect Slovenia to Paris three times weekly and gradually come back to daily operations. Passengers will be able to fly to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines three times weekly at the beginning of the season and add frequencies with January, if circumstances will allow. Air Serbia will be offering four weekly flights to Belgrade, upgrading to daily flights in the beginning of 2021. After a break in November, easyJet will be coming back to Ljubljana Airport in December with two weekly flights initially to London Gatwick and later offer four frequencies per week. The carrier has announced additional flights to London Luton from the beginning of 2021, at first with two weekly flights. Montenegro Airlines will offer four weekly flights to Podgorica starting with the end of November. LOT Polish Airlines has announced it will return flights to Warsaw in December, offering four weekly flights, as well as Transavia, which is to offer two weekly flights to Amsterdam. Brussels Airlines is planning to reintroduce flights to Brussels in February 2021, operating five weekly flights.            
Informative Winter Flight Schedule 
The Flight Schedule on the links represents current official announcements of airlines and can distinguish from actual flight operations, due to the current situation and frequent changes. We advise passengers to check the actual season flight timetable on the websites of respective carriers.  
Fraport Slovenija hopes that the efforts to limit the spread of the Covid-19 disease will be successful, and more favorable conditions for a bolder presence of air carriers on the Slovene market will soon be established, also stimulating other airlines to return as soon as possible.
We believe in the longterm recovery of the sector, because the world needs a running air passenger traffic. Air travel will continue to be at the centre of our social and economic life, bringing people together. It will remain the driving force behind global development and technological innovation, but we will have to achieve new solutions to build this reality in a more sustainable and responsible manner.
ACI Europe reports, that European air traffic has plummeted by 72 percent by the end of September 2020. There will be a very constructive cooperation needed among all industry stakeholders to create political will to help aviation to recover as soon as possible. The efforts of the European aviation industry (ACI Europe, Airlines for Europe and IATA) are temporarily aimed at establishing a unified frame of measurements for all EU countries, that would introduce testing before departure instead of quarantines. That would enable free movement of people again and speed up the recovery of tourism and travel, resulting also in lower number of jeopardized jobs (estimated in millions at the moment) in the sector. Fraport Slovenija joined this appeal in an international video campaign – the video is available below.

Flying remains one of the safest forms of transport also in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, finds the airport branch. A recent research carried out for IATA (International Air Transport Association) shows, that the risk of an infection with covid-19 onboard a plane is very low. Of 1,2 billion air passengers, that have travelled in 2020, only 44 cases of a potential transmission of the virus were identified – that is one case in every 27 million passengers. That transmission among passengers on the plane is very unlikely, states also a joint research by aircraft manufacturers Airbus, Boeing and Embraer; the air circulation system where the flow of air is directed generally downward from ceiling to floor limits the possibility of virus transmission between passengers, additional safety is provided by very efficient air filters, which block out 99,9% of particles in the air, including viruses, every two to three minutes.

Zg. Brnik, 23. 10. 2020