Goals and values

Our vision: We want to be the airport of choice for the region

Fraport Slovenija’s strategy consists of the following components:

One Mission: We provide sustainable airport management to connect Slovenia with other European countries and beyond by offering fast and efficient quality services to our customers besides strengthening and growing our non-aeronautical business.

Six Values: Competence, Trust, Commitment, Openness, Courage, Reliability.

Six Strategic Priorities: Traffic Performance, Value Contribution, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Climate Protection, and Digitalisation and Automation.

Three Business Pillars: Aviation, Ground Handling, and Non-Aeronautical Services.

Four Supporting Activities: Information Technology, Human Resources, and Corporate Communication.

Six Governance Systems: Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Airport Safety, Compliance, and Data Protection.

One Integrated Risk Management System.



Our strategy visualized


Our most important values are: Competence, Trust, Commitment, Openness, Courage and Reliability.



Air safety is a priority for the company, and a prerequisite for successful long-term performance in the aviation industry. The company therefore meets the safety conditions prescribed by legislation at the national and EU levels, and internationally recognised aviation standards.



High quality of service is the foundation of our business, and a watchword for our profile on the market. The quality of our services is ensured by the professionalism and knowledge of our staff, who are aware of their role and their importance to the company, since it is motivated, highly skilled people that help build company’s reputation.



Sustainable development Alongside our active role in defending the public interest of safe, smooth and orderly air transport, the company is aware that the aviation industry has a wider societal impact. We therefore plan the company’s operations and development in a way that promotes the development of our immediate and wider environment, while preventing any adverse effects.

Compliance & Privacy Policy


The operation of the company is based on compliance with rules, legislation and internal rules. The business compliance system is an instrument for preventing violations and damage to the society.

For us, compliance does not end with the adherence to legal provisions, we strive to always act in accordance with ethical principles, while at the same time minimizing the liability risk for the company, its employees and supervisory bodies through organizational and preventive measures.

Privacy Policy

Protection and security of personal data is of great importance to us. It is our goal to provide you with exactly the right amount of information regarding the processing of personal data relating to you.

Read about how Fraport Slovenija collects, stores and processes personal data of individuals.  




We take diversity into account in strategic management and employee management. In doing so, we strive for the greatest possible balance between genders, mutual cooperation of different generations and the acquisition and transfer of knowledge.