Sustainable development

Fraport Group is building its business activity on values of social responsibility and sustainable development. It manages its stakeholder relations and sustainable indicators in all local companies, thus encouraging creation of best sustainable practices of the airports.

Fraport Slovenija takes on its own responsibility in the fields of economy, ecology and social matters. By doing so, it strengthens a wider social welfare. Our development encourages development of the environment where we live. The development level of the business and infrastructure of the company Fraport Slovenija directly affects the local and wider environment in the economic, social and environmental settings. It encourages creation of new jobs, entrepreneurship and infrastructure.

We are committed to act in the manner of not endangering the natural and social environment. So, by carrying out several different activities in the environment where we operate and live, we will strive to give something back and to make the environment richer.

Our business activity also has some negative impacts on the environment. We are striving to timely recognise such negative impacts, and to manage them fully and reduce them perpetually.The   company’s top management is responsible for the adoption of the company’s sustainable strategy and its programme. All employees, in accordance with their powers and responsibilities, are included in the implementation of our sustainable programme.


Fields of priority sustainable activities of the company  /  United Nations 2030 global sustainable goals





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