Sustainable development

The Fraport Group considers values and commitments of sustainable development as the central drivers of strategic planning and management, since the present and the future of the airport industry are closely related to challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation of the industry, and to other environmental aspects. At the same time, flight connections remain in perspective an important generator of social prosperity and progress, economically, technologically and socially. The airport development under normal conditions significantly impacts the development of micro, regional and national environment. The Fraport Group is aware of such challenges, which are also opportunities, while managing all its local companies. Therefore, it encourages all its airports to be creative and to transfer best sustainable practices. Fraport Slovenija operates within this context. This gives us an important starting point for the compliance with all sustainable commitments of our owner, which we adapt and upgrade according to our own specifics.

We are committed to act in the manner of not endangering the natural and social environment. By carrying out several different activities in the environment where we operate and live, we will strive to give something back and to make the environment richer. The impacts which the local   environment perceives as annoying, f. e. noise, are   systematically being reduced, in dialogue with social partners. We strive to act preventively, proactively and encouragingly in all the areas, in the sense of a partnership


The company’s top management is responsible for the adoption of the company’s sustainable strategy and its programme. All employees are encouraged and empowered to get involved in the implementation of the sustainable programme in line with their powers and responsibilities.


Fields of priority sustainable activities of the company  /  United Nations 2030 global sustainable goals





Sustainability Reports

We keep a comprehensive record of our sustainability achievements, challenges and plans in our annual Sustainability Reports.


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