Governance Systems

Management system comprises of three strategic pillars, namely:




Fraport Slovenia is the airport managing body, so the aviation activity is the company's core business.



Ground Handling

As the sole ground handling provider at Ljubljana Airport we represent handling of passengers, aircraft, cargo and general aviation.




Commercial services, real estate and the Fraport Aviation Academy services are also one of the key revenue generators.

Integrated Governance System Policy

In the scope of governance system are buildings (with the accompanying building titles), plots of land owned by Fraport Slovenija, other land (airside and landside areas) for which the 40 year building title has been granted to Fraport Slovenija (by 1 January 2054) by the Republic of Slovenia. Also the buildings outside of airport area owned by Fraport Slovenija (e.g. holiday capacity) are included.

The governance system also includes contractors, tenants, environmental organizations and occupational safety organizations. The company informs them in a suitable manner with regards to their responsibilities for environmental protection and occupational safety. These contractors are: maintenance personnel, suppliers of energy products and personal protective and work equipment, transportation organizations, personnel carrying out operational monitoring and other similar measurements, constructors and others.

Fraport Slovenija combines and connects various management systems into a single, integrated system. All systems operate in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards and Fraport AG and provide support for further business decisions of management. The Quality Management System, Occupational Safety Management System and Environmental Management System are connected by an Integrated Governance System Policy. The Safety Management System is an independent management system but is nevertheless closely linked to other management systems.

Fraport Slovenia strives to achieve high level of quality and thus ensures the development of the airport in accordance with the requirements of carriers, passengers and other business partners and domestic and European legislation.

The company strives to meet the requirements of our passengers, airlines, business partners, employees, owners and the social environment through efficient business process management. We pay a lot of attention to regular monitoring of the needs and wishes of airport users, and at the same time we want to exceed their expectations. In this way, we strive to constantly improve the quality of our services and, last but not least, to make the company's operations more efficient. Airport user satisfaction is one of our most important goals.

The company is constantly striving to achieve quality performance in a way that provides all stakeholders with uniform and quality services that are in line with the expectations of all users of our services.

Fraport Slovenia quality management system is integrated into the Fraport AG quality management systemand complies with the ISO 9001 standard, which is certified by the certification house TÜV SÜD.

Fraport Slovenia ensures that health and safety at work are key elements of our overall corporate responsibility, which is why we strive to ensure that our system of safety and health at work ensures a safe working environment.

In accordance with the commitments to safety and health at work and legal and other requirements, we formulate strategic goals that are part of the company's sustainable strategy.

Occupational safety and health commitments
  • Adopting measures to reduce accidents at work and injuries at work.
  • Reducing negative impacts on the work environment.- Encouraging safe work.Adopting measures to prevent accidents at work.
  • Introducing best practices in terms of safety and health at work.
  • Incorporate occupational safety and health guidelines into procurement procedures.
  • Promoting responsible and appropriate behavior by educating, informing and raising the awareness of all employees regarding aspects of safety and health at work.
  • Providing training for all employees.
  • Concluding written agreements at joint work sites with all business partners and persons working for or on behalf of the company, including contractors performing work at the company's location.
  • Ensuring compliance with the conditions imposed by legislation and other requirements regarding safety and health at work.
  • Providing human and financial resources for the occupational safety and health system and related measures.Promoting transparency in communication and dialogue with stakeholders and the general public.
  • Encouraging employees to co-create occupational safety and health policy
Strategic goals of safety and health at work

The main strategic goals in the key areas of occupational safety and health until 2025 are:

Reducing the number and severity of injuries through regular training for safe work, additional employee awareness and regular monitoring of work processes.

With regular measurements and inspections of the working environment, adapting the working environment to the person (employees) according to their needs - especially the health aspect.

By removing old and worn-out work equipment, by regularly maintaining and inspecting the equipment, by updating the equipment according to the requirements of the process and at the same time the needs of the employees.

By removing old and worn-out personal protective equipment, by regularly maintaining and inspecting personal protective equipment, by adapting equipment related to risks and at the same time needs (adjustments) to employees.

By notification and by written agreements, regular inspections and records.

By organizing various sporting events - internal and external, with various workshops, by organizing trips and other events.

The occupational health and safety system of Fraport Slovenia is certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard by the SIQ certification house.

Environmental protection is the basic guideline of Fraport Slovenija’s philosophy. The main goal of our environmental management system is to ensure environmental management by improving efforts to protect the environment and prevent or reduce negative impacts on the environment.

The Fraport Slovenija environmental management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard by the SIQ certification house.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 2018/1139 of the European Parliament and of the Council, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 139/2014 and company's safety policy, Fraport Slovenija implements safety management system at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, which includes safety reporting system for all personnel and organisations operating or providing services at the airport.

The purpose of the safety management system is a continuous identification of hazard and risk management.

Its aim is to maintain a minimal risk of harm and damage to persons and property. Furthermore it strives to reduce the possible damage to an acceptable level or even below it.

Fraport Slovenija shall:

  • provide safety reporting system for all personnel and organisations operating or providing services at the airport,
  • require that the above mentioned personnel and organisations use the safety reporting system as a mandatory reporting of any accident, serious incident and occurrence and
  • ensure that safety reporting system can be used for the voluntary reporting of any defect, fault and hazard which could affect safety.

The safety reporting system shall protect the identity of the reporter, encourage voluntary reporting and include the possibility to submit reporting anonymously. The airport operator shall conduct investigations to refrain from blaming and act accordingly to principles of justice.