Investor's committee

Fraport Slovenija is controlled by the sole owner, Fraport AG.

The company’s business activities and the work of the Management are supervised by a three-member Investor's Committee. 

The Committee consists of the chairman Holger SchaefersAlexander Laukenmann and Tamara Weyer, all from the company Fraport AG.

Fraport Group

A global network of airports.

Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o., is 100% owned by the German company Fraport AG, which is active through its subsidiaries and other investments by operating 31 airports around the world. 

The vast technological knowledge of their global airport specialists forms the backbone of their operations everywhere.

Our Group maxim is: We are all Fraport!

“No matter where and in which Group company we are making our contribution. Together we achieve our goals!”