Our vision: Ljubljana Airport - The Airport of Choice for the Region

Fraport Slovenija’s strategy is composed of the following components:

One Mission: We provide sustainable airport management to connect Slovenia with other European countries and beyond by offering fast and efficient quality services to our customers besides strengthening and growing our non-aeronautical business.

Six Values: Competence, Trust, Commitment, Openness, Courage, Reliability.

Six Strategic Priorities: Traffic Performance, Value Contribution, Customer Centricity, Attractive Employer, Climate Protection, and Digitalisation and Automation.

Three Business Pillars: Aviation, Ground Handling, and Non-Aeronautical Services.

Four Supporting Activities: Information Technology, Maintenance & Energy, Human Resources, and Corporate Communication.

Six Governance Systems: Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Airport Safety, Compliance, and Data Protection.

One Integrated Risk Management System.

Visualisation of company's strategic components

Company's strategic components.png


There are six strategic priorities, three business pillars, four supporting activities, six governance systems and one integrated risk management to implement the company's mission and vision.


Our most important values are competence, trust, commitment, openness, courage, reliability