Career at Fraport Slovenija

We are a team of almost 400 coworkes. Each and everyone is a specialist on his own field and together we create a pleasant airport experience for passengers, visitors and our business partners. Dynamic work brings a variety of challanges and we strive to build a community of devoted and motivated coworkes. We take care of them with developing their careers and numerous benefits.

For our efforts on this field we have received multiple recognitions - being awarded the title of reputable employer by Slovenia’s largest jobseeking website,, and of The Best employer in the region by SPIRIT Slovenija.  

Fields of work

The airport is an exciting environment to work in. Discover which fields of work we are offering.


Administration includes various support services responsible for finances, planning and controlling, commercial operations, human resources, information technology, real estate management, management systems, training and more. We employ experts from various fields who share a common commitment and professionalism at work.  


Operations are the heart of the airport, taking care of the uninterrupted aircraft supply, handling passengers and cargo. Employees in these services are also tasked with controlling airport processes, maintenance, and security. They are highly valued for their commitment, dynamism, and readiness to work odd hours, since working hours at an airport are adapted to the timetables of airlines and traffic peaks. Our employees are at their busiest during the summer season, especially from June to September.

Working in operations offers a unique work environment and the opportunity to constantly enhance one’s knowledge. In addition, our employees appreciate friendly work relationships and a well-ordered workplace with all the necessary equipment to ensure safety at work.

Internships and student work

We offer student work mainly in operational services,  and we cooperate with various services in posting vacancies. We also offer internships. For more information contact us at

Human resources development

Education and training of employees is among the company's strategic priorities, as top staff is traditionally our competitive advantage. In accordance with our service activities, where a lot of specific knowledge is required, we encourage both internal education and schooling in educational institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

These are rare but interesting positions, where  training and enhancing knowledge are of key importance. Advancements in  technology and the requirements of airlines also play a part in this. We  therefore offer our employees a number of training programmes to help them
strengthen and enhance their competences, especially those related to  professional and operational knowledge. We cooperate with both internal and  external contractors.

We pay special attention to managers, for whom we have a special programme for developing and enhancing skills that help them take care  of their employees and achieve the company’s strategic objectives.

We develop  our human resources through monitoring and introducing various modern  approaches, such as satisfaction surveys, annual interviews, assessment centre methods, knowledge transfer, expertise testing, and more.

Benefits for our employees



We are aware that happy employees are our best ambassadors. Our employees thus enjoy numerous benefits aimed at strengthening their loyalty, commitment, and well-being in  the workplace.

We are especially proud of the full Family-Friendly Company  certificate, which allows our employees to balance their work and family lives.  Some of our most popular policies include gifts for newborns and first-graders,  corporate volunteering, and extraordinary leave for family reasons.

In addition, we also offer our employees:

  • 90% compensation for periods of absence due to
    illness or injury outside work;
  • solidarity assistance in cases of long-term sick leave and natural disasters;
  • payment of 4% of the employee’s base wage to the pension fund;
  • payment of half of the employee’s premium for accident insurance;
  • reimbursement of meal and travel expenses up to a maximum amount that does not count towards the tax base;
  • free parking;
  • employee discounts for services offered by our business partners;
  • free vaccination against tick-borne meningoencephalitis and seasonal flu,
  • reduced working hours (even beyond the employees’ legal entitlements);  
  • affordable holiday accommodation;
  • flexible working hours for staff in administration.