A solar power plant on the roof of the Ljubljana Airport's parking garage

Zgornji Brnik, 9 November 2021 – Fraport Slovenija and Resalta   set up a 500kW photovoltaic power station on the roof of the airport's parking garage and its office annex. This way another step was made towards reducing the CO2 emissions through renewable sources. The cost of the project is estimated at EUR 350,000.
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Fraport Slovenija places great emphasis on sustainable environmental and social management. The company uses various activities to detect, comprehensively manage and continually reduce its impact on the environment in a timely manner.  

In partnership with Resalta d.o.o. as the project provider, it built a solar power plant on the roof of the parking garage and the adjacent office annex. The power plant will start operation in the coming days, and is expected to generate around 530 MWh of electricity a year. Renewable electricity will be generated by 1,347 high-quality photovoltaic modules, and will cover 7% of the airport's total electricity consumption. This will reduce the annual CO2 emissions by approximately 200 t.  

The cost of the project, which will help achieve the long-term goal of reducing CO2 emissions and lowering energy costs, is estimated at EUR 350,000. This is the first project of this kind, but certainly not the last, implemented at the airport.  

"Building a sustainable future requires the sustainable management of current infrastructure. We must manage this infrastructure in a way that allows it to remain functional, cost effective, safe and energy efficient in the future. Modern solar power systems have great potential for the transformation of society to a more sustainable model, and so the decision to introduce one was relatively easy, not only in terms of cost effectiveness, but also active reduction of CO2 emissions. With careful and systematic management of all the environmental aspects of our operations and activities, we also seek to reduce these emissions through state-of-the-art and environmentally efficient heating systems, and the electrification of our vehicle fleet," commented Zmago Skobir, advisor to the management board and procurator at Fraport Slovenija.

"I'd like to thank Fraport Slovenija for the trust it has shown, and for choosing Resalta as a partner in reducing its carbon footprint, increasing its energy independence and lowering its electricity costs. Fraport Slovenija has recognised the advantages of our business model, where we take over the entire project, including its implementation, and then, during the contract period, manage and maintain the power plant, replace worn-out components and assume all production risk. Fraport Slovenija will purchase all the generated electricity at a guaranteed fixed and competitive price, and reduce its CO2 emissions by 200 t a year," said Tomaž Orešič, procurator at Resalta d.o.o.


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Corporate Communications

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