Fraport Slovenia received the Socially Responsible Employer accession certificate

Zg. Brnik -  On Monday, 13 September 2021, 62 companies that were the first to approach the certification for a Socially Responsible Employer, were officially awarded with the certificate.
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The award ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Janez Cigler Kralj, who emphasized the importance of sustainable operation and corporate social responsibility, especially in the uncertain period of the epidemic.

According to the Minister, the measures taken by companies and organizations holding the certificate of socially responsible employer can significantly contribute to strengthening positive relations between employees and to effectively addressing the challenges of sustainable development, social responsibility, as well as maintaining and improving employee health and safety.

At Fraport Slovenia, we decided to join the certification at the time of the pandemic, when aviation is one of the most affected industries. Chief Executive Officer Zmago Skobir said: “It is in times of crisis that the role of the employer, as a caring, sensitive and responsible partner to employees, is even more important. The concrete health crisis has also resulted in a social crisis at the global level, and it is the responsibility of us employers to provide all support and assistance to employees in such a changed situation, ”explains Skobir, adding that the aviation industry claimed the unimanageable fate of many employees employments. Socially responsible employers try to keep their ears open to employees, show solidarity and care for their well-being, while providing the necessary security for existing jobs.


What it means to receive a certificate for the company Fraport Slovenia

By joining the certification, we will take additional measures to upgrade the existing socially responsible activities. Based on them, we want to achieve greater satisfaction of employees and other stakeholders and together with them co-create a network geared towards sustainable development.

We decided on the area of integrated addressing of social responsibility, because we assessed that improvements are possible in this area. Namely, the areas of reconciling professional, family and private life and safety and health at work are already well established in the company, as we have a full Family-Friendly Company certificate and ISO 45001 certificate.

In addition to the basic measures that are determined in advance, we will implement measures in the field of organizational activities (social responsibility strategy, sustainable development goals, business code and integrity of the organization), then in the field of environmental protection, employee training programs, green, healthy and friendly office. sustainable mobility, low carbon and emission reductions) as well as measures in the field of social security of employees (eg additional bonuses).

We expect that the implementation of measures will achieve long-term positive effects on the company's operations, employees, the environment, the wider community and business partners.

Our main goals are: increasing the reputation and strength of the employer and corporate brand, establishing a healthy work environment with good, stimulating interpersonal relationships and a better cohesive organizational culture, demonstrating more credible socially responsible behavior and communicating with our key stakeholders who make their decisions based on ethical criteria and the introduction of sustainable business and thus also contribute to the environmental and social dimension of development.


Brigita Zorec

Head of Corporate Communications +38642061103