Ljubljana Airport has partnered with CarbonClick to offer carbon offsetting for all travellers

Zg. Brnik, July 7, 2021 -  Ljubljana Airport, which is managed by Fraport Slovenija, has launched their in-airport voluntary carbon offsetting programme for all travellers. Fraport Slovenija has partnered with CarbonClick to become one of a group of first-mover airports around the world to offer this solution to their customers. Carbon offsetting is available for all travellers, regardless of what airline they use.
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With passengers becoming increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of their air travel, airports are perfectly positioned to take the lead and offer meaningful climate solutions. This is because not all airlines offer customers carbon offsetting solutions, and the quality of the ones that do are inconsistent.

CarbonClick uses certified offsets to reduce the climate impact of aviation through ethical, transparent and fully traceable reforestation and Gold Standard renewable energy projects. This enables the customers that choose to offset their flights to see exactly where and how their offsets are being invested.

»We give our passengers the opportunity to reduce the negative impact on the environment. This is in line with our sustainable business operation and commitment to operate in a way that does not endanger the natural and social environment, and to coexist, return and enrich it through various activities in the environment in which we operate,« said Zmago Skobir, Managing Director of Fraport Slovenija.

A big focus for Ljubljana Airport was to ensure the programme was simple to use, and together with CarbonClick they’ve created a solution that enables travellers to simply scan a QR code displayed on different media all around the airport. This lets them quickly calculate the footprint of their flight and pay to offset it. Given the current volume of traffic at Ljubljana Airport, the programme has the potential to offset 5   million kg of CO2 and 80   million kilometres of flying every year.



»By making offsetting easy and transparent we’re able to empower travellers to take immediate action on their carbon footprint. Giving travellers the confidence to fly in a way that limits their impact on the environment is an important part of the aviation industry’s recovery and means that leadership can be taken now, while we wait for cleaner technologies,« says Dave Rouse, CarbonClick CEO.

About CarbonClick

CarbonClick empowers businesses and their customers to tackle climate change with a simple click, helping more than 600 businesses in 35 countries, and more than 66,000 individuals taking climate action. CarbonClick uses a portfolio of certified high-quality New Zealand and international offset projects for its carbon offsetting needs. CarbonClick’s carbon offsetting is easily implemented as a plugin or widget and provides live impact feedback to the user. You can find more information by visiting  ljubljana.carbon.click.

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