Sustainability report 2020

Zg. Brnik, August 13, 2021 -  For the sixth time in a row Fraport Slovenija is presenting its   efforts on a sustainable development in the Sustainability report 2020 in a comprehensive, balanced and transparent way, in accordance with GRI standards - basic version (Global Reporting Initiative).

This year, the sustainability report has been drawn up in extraordinary circumstances, since the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up the airport activity to unimaginable proportions. Despite a dramatic decline in the aviation market in 2020, we managed to continue and implement our mission and activities in compliance with the values of our sustainable development, which is also reflected in this report. The report comprises all the aspects of sustainable development, which are identified as essential, based on our materiality matrix.

»In the report our sustainable efforts in relation to the environment, to ourselves, to our passengers and our other important stakeholders are drawn up. This year's publication sums up the »corona year«, and reflects the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global crisis, which has struck the aviation industry,« said Primož Primožič, environmental expert and responsible for the implementation of the project for preparing the report.

Zmago Skobir, Chief Managing Director at Fraport Slovenija, closed his address in the report with encouraging thoughts: »Today’s global society cannot function without air   connections in operation. Aviation is one of the main forces of globalisation, which promotes the development of the modern world. So, no one actually doubts about the revival of this industry. But the question remains - when? It seems we are just at the beginning of the end. We are ready and we see opportunities brought by the last crisis as a new beginning. People and the planet have been given a new opportunity. An opportunity to live a life which will be less destructive to the world. An opportunity to live a life which won’t be rejected by the planet.«

You are kindly invited to discover the rich content of the report here and read more about our sustainable efforts.


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