Fraport Slovenija receives award for the best annual report

Zg. Brnik, 2. 12. 2022 -  For the 23rd year in a row, Časnik Finance has awarded the most prestigious professional award in business reporting - the best annual report. For the 2021 Sustainability Report, the panel awarded Fraport Slovenija the main prize in the Best Annual Report category among large companies that are not subjects of public interest according to the Companies Act.

Trajnostno poročilo 2021

Primož Primožič, environmental expert at Fraport Slovenija, and responsible for the implementation of the report, said when receiving the award:  »We are honored and proud, that the Academy Finance has again recognized our Sustainability and Annual Report as one of the best, this time in the main category. A number of my colleagues, who collaborated in creating the report, are responsible for this success. We wanted the report to reflect our commitment to implementing sustainability in our daily work. Who better to show this is true than our colleagues, that make sure that this value is integrated in everything we do. Therefore, we enriched and upgraded the content with dialogues in video format, bringing the core of our sustainable approaches even closer to the readers. They can feel the heartbeat of the airport in clips from behind the scenes and see unforgettable moments that had marked the past year.«

Fraport Slovenija comprehensively documents its achievements, challenges and plans in the field of sustainable development for the seventh year in a row. The report highlights the developments that have marked our business in the past year and the aspects of sustainable development which were identified as essential through our materiality matrix. We endeavored to shed light on our operations and activities with global and European challenges of sustainable development in the airport industry. This report is prepared in accordance with the basic version of GRI (Global Reporting  Initiative) and is complementary to the Annual Report, where the company otherwise discloses its operations.

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Dr. Babett Stapel, the Managing Director of Fraport Slovenija, says on the main message of the report: »The aviation industry, which has been shaken by the Covid-19 health crisis like never before, is recovering. One of the few positive outcomes of the pandemic is the lesson, that our sustainable efforts to achieve carbon neutrality have to be even more determined. Strengthening the systematic approaches to lower CO2 emissions, where electric mobility and efficient energy management play one of the key elements, and sustainable practices with all our activities, we will commit to make our business greener. The opening of the new passenger terminal has brought the beginning of a new era for the airport, allowing us to offer our passengers higher quality and variety of services, and a better working environment for other users as well. Our reporting on sustainable dialog with all our stakeholders shows, that we stand committed to the value of sustainability throughout even the most challenging times, with a clear direction to an advanced but at the same time sustainably responsible business.«


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