Fraport Slovenija published the Sustainability Report for 2021

Zg. Brnik, 3. 8. 2022 -  Fraport Slovenija has comprehensively documented its achievements, challenges and plans in the field of sustainable development for the seventh year in a row. The annual Sustainability Report is complementary to the Annual Report, where the company otherwise discloses its operations.

Trajnostno poročilo 2021

In the Sustainability Report for 2021, the company reports on all aspects of sustainable development, which were identified as essential through the materiality matrix. The company endeavored to shed light on its operations and activities with global and European challenges of sustainable development in the airport industry.  

After facing an epidemiological turmoil of extraordinary dimensions, our industry is now entering the period of recovery, which is thematically introduced in detail in the latest report, which this year has also been supplemented and upgraded with live dialogues.  

Primož Primožič, environmental expert, responsible for the implementation of the report preparation project, said: "With the Sustainability Report, the seventh in a row, we show our sustainable path with achievements, challenges, and plans. In the document, you can read about essential topics such as strategy, operations, and integrated governance systems, as well as in more detail about the activities with which we enrich and give back to the environment in which we operate. This year's report is the most extensive to date, and for the first time, we have enriched it with videos in which our colleagues reveal the behind-the-scenes of the airport. About 20 of our colleagues are responsible for making our sustainability report richer in content and more interesting for readers every year. I would like to thank everyone who participated in creating the content. I wish you a pleasant reading!"  

We have again included all key stakeholders in the process of the report preparation. Reporting here is comprehensive, balanced, and transparent. The company ensures the credibility of all report data, which are clear and comparable to recent years.  

The report is prepared in accordance with the basic version of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). For sustainable development and its reporting, the company’s top management is responsible.  

"Despite still being significantly impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking at the future with optimism and the firm desire to continue implementing measures to reduce our carbon footprint further towards carbon neutrality of the airport,” said dr. Babett Stapel, the managing director of Fraport Slovenija.

Renewed environmental certification within the Airport Carbon Accreditation program

Fraport Slovenija's environmental policy incorporates commitments and strategic objectives in many areas which affect the environment, among those also being the reduction of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions. The company manages its carbon footprint within the Airport Carbon Accreditation, which is run by Airports Council International Europe (ACI EUROPE) and empowers the efforts of airports to manage and reduce their carbon emissions.  

Fraport Slovenija managed to reduce the emissions again and has thus successfully renewed the Level 2 »Reduction« accreditation. By 2025 we aim to transition to a low-carbon society.


ACI certifikat

You are invited to discover the rich content of the report and learn more about our sustainability efforts.


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