Electric vehicle charging station opens at Ljubljana Airport

Zg. Brnik, 6. 10. 2023 -  The Petrol Group and Fraport Slovenija have opened an electric vehicle charging station at Ljubljana Airport. It is located in vicinity of the Terminal A, on parking P1. It features four charging points, which for now are capable of providing energy for eight electric vehicles. The charging points were installed as part of the European MULTI-E project, the main objective of which is to develop mobility services and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This project is proof of Petrol and Fraport Slovenija’s commitment to fulfilling their vision and mission of working towards a zero-carbon society and a green future.   

Quick, convenient and easy charging is what every driver of an electric vehicle wants. Accessible and widespread charging infrastructure not only gives drivers who are at the forefront of sustainable mobility an excellent user experience, but also ensures that the number of electric vehicles in use will continue to rise.

The Petrol Group and Fraport Slovenija have joined forces within the European MULTI-E project and made it easier to now enjoy worry-free and convenient e-vehicle charging at Ljubljana Airport. Together they have installed three public AC (22 kW) charging stations with six charging points and a public ultra-fast charging station (150 kW per point) with two connections. All points have been installed within the P1 open air car park, right next to Terminal A. The charging station has also been installed with an eye to the future, as it is capable of being expanded with an additional three 22 kW charging points and one ultra-fast charging point, which will be able to supply energy to a further eight electric vehicles. The new charging station will definitely become a frequent port of call for all e-vehicle owners; it will also be hugely welcomed by drivers of electric taxis and shared e-vehicles, and, in the future, operators of electric shuttle services.  



First choice also when it comes to new mobility solutions

On the basis of its strategy to 2025, Petrol is undertaking a decisive energy transition as a sign of its commitment to securing a green future for all, and one that addresses the future of road transport as well. The development of new e-mobility solutions is an important pillar of Petrol’s sustainable business operations, involving the establishment, operation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the provision of charging services.

“At Petrol we have been striving for a long time now to improve user experience by expanding vehicle charging infrastructure, thereby positioning ourselves as the most comprehensive provider of sustainable mobility in the region. We currently have and operate a total of 476 charging stations in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and are planning to expand this network as we move forward. More than 40 stations of varying charging capacities have been installed as part of the MULTI-E project. In addition to Ljubljana Airport, we have installed them in Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper in partnership with other companies. In line with the project and our vision, we have also set them up beyond the borders of Slovenia, in Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik and Split. By the end of the project, we hope to have set up a further 40 charging stations in pursuit of our overarching objective: to become an integrated partner in the energy transition and one that offers an excellent user experience,” explained Robert Surina, executive director of energy production, energy solutions and mobility, on the occasion of the unveiling of the charging stations at Ljubljana Airport.



Carbon-Neutral Airport by 2045

Fraport Slovenija is systematically working to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities. With the new strategy, the goal is for Ljubljana Airport to become a carbon-neutral airport by 2045. Among the activities that will help achieve this goal are the gradual electrification of vehicles and ground handling equipment, transitioning to LED lighting on the airport's manoeuvring areas, and increasing the share of renewable energy sources. This is complemented by promoting sustainable forms of transportation to the airport, including shared electric vehicles and privately-owned electric vehicles. With the new charging station featuring convenient e-charging points, established in collaboration with Petrol Group, the airport is significantly enhancing its infrastructure for electric vehicle users. In addition to the existing two charging points in the parking garage, there are now eight e-charging points in the open-air P1 parking lot, in close proximity to the new passenger Terminal A.  

"By expanding the offering of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, the airport is responding to the growing trend of sustainable mobility users. We are also advancing our efforts towards decarbonization of the airport, which is planned to be achieved by 2045. In partnership with Petrol, we now offer our passengers a charging station for fast and convenient charging of electric vehicles with eight points, significantly enhancing the airport parking service. This service will round out the excellent experience for passengers who choose a green form of transportation to the airport," said Urška Binter, Head of Commercial Services at Fraport Slovenija, at the opening of the airport's electric vehicle charging station.

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Charging e-vehicles with the OneCharge app

Electric vehicle charging at Petrol’s charging stations has also been made possible by the OneCharge mobile app and the online app available at www.onecharge.eu. The app, OneCharge website and the Petrol website provide information on all of Petrol’s charging stations (connection type, charging power, occupancy, pricelist).

Through its network of partners and its hosting services, Petrol’s charging infrastructure is making it easier for drivers from abroad to enjoy worry-free journeys across the border into Slovenia. This service has been further enhanced by the construction of a new charging station at Ljubljana central railway station, which drivers can view on the app. Users of the OneCharge mobile app and the online app at www.OneCharge.eu can also search for and use charging stations operated by Petrol’s partners when travelling abroad.

The Petrol website has more information on its comprehensive mobility solutions for individuals and companieswww.petrol.si/mobilnost    


MULTI-E project

The European MULTI-E project, which began in May 2018, aims to electrify public transport in Koper and Maribor, and develop mobility services and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia.

During the project, which will be completed at the end of 2024, the partners in the consortium will be fully engaged in upgrading public transport services with a transition to clean fuels. This is a key element in of moves to gradually phase out the use of vehicles running on conventional fuels in urban areas by 2050. These efforts will involve the partial electrification of public transport in Koper and Maribor, as well as of inter-regional transport from Ljubljana. New services will be introduced that provide innovative emission-free transport options through car sharing, electric taxis and other services, along with smart technologies that combine a number of clean mobility services on public vehicle sharing, e-taxi and fleet management platforms. However, the main focus will be on expanding the charging infrastructure network for electric and compressed natural gas vehicles in urban areas and on motorways.

In addition to the Petrol Group, the project is being undertaken by Petrol d.o.o., Zagreb, Atet, NOMAGO Storitve mobilnosti in potovanj d.o.o., Arriva, družba za prevoz potnikov, d.o.o. and the city municipalities of Koper, Celje and Maribor. The project is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) run by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).


Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and Fraport Slovenija are solely responsible for the content of this press release. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union.
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